Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Adha Zelma Rocks The Runway In Dwight Eubank's Fashion Week Premiere of Toolbox Collection

Calling All Fashion Lovers!!!! 

New York Fashion week: Our new collection rock & bone was featured Monday at M2 Ultra Lounge in Dwight Eubank's Fashion Week Premiere of his hot new clothing line for men “Tool Box Collection”.  The collection reflects Dwight’s unequaled talent for meshing fashion and sex appeal and features trend-setting designs in men’s underwear,  loungewear,  and a sophisticated smoking jacket collection.  

Adha Zelma rocked the runway for the Africa segment of the show.  Here's what The Fashion Bomb had to say:  . . . "What I can say is that Dwight put on a great performance. The costumes, especially the feathered creations, were bold, bright, and unabashedly out there. ", Sounds like Adha Zelma to me. . . ., All I can say is FABULOUS!!!!  What a Great Fashion Week!  

A BIG THANK YOU to Lisha & Jesssy.  We couldn't have styled the looks without you!!!!!

Check out the final walk for the line! 

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